Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Kota Belud

At after that, Elaine and I went around Wisma. We went straight to Kwasa to get her Sports equipment. Upon reaching Donggongon, we checked our mail again. I was rpetty desperate hoping to hear something from Lindley. I went to Kota Belud that Saturday (12.08.2000). We reached there at 4 pm. We left quite late because we had a problem with the bus. I was surprised to know, that there is a resthouse. Last year,  students from Sains Sekitaran stayed there. As for the guys, they stayed at the community hall. We slept at one of the houses. The name of the place we stayed is called, Kg. Tambatuon. We cook before we do our field work which started at 5 am. I noticed how cool and fresh the air was. I especially love the weather which was always a bit cloudy. From that Kampong, what’s special about it is that a very pointy hill can be seen and also the back of mount Kinabalu. The saddening thing is that the natural trees on the hills were replaced with rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis) instead. The road to our accommodation are covered with water on several spots. I loved to splash my feet on these small stream of water. There was one spot though that the strong smell of fertilizer can be smelt on the way. That’s the exact smell that I noticed at Ranau.
I noticed how my ecology lecturers, Pn. Norma and Pn. Kartini are very mundane people. Although they don’t know what a Gaia theory is. Carlo knows what it was and they were very intrigued by it. I gave the reader’s digest book which contains an article about it to Pn. Kartini yesterday. I did that sincerely because I love sharing some of my findings and not merely for show. What’s funny was that night when Pn. Norma admitted of not knowing it, explain of how the theory might be about the earth will die someday. I finally knew, that it is the great that makes you great too.
I haven’t be able to deal with my bashfulness yet but there is a sight of improvement, I noticed. Without realizing I somehow want to show others of how much I know. When people asked for my guidance especially in asking questions, I’d like to teach them at a very mundane manner. I’m afraid of making someone stupid. Sometimes I do it, but that was not my intention. I just don’t know, how to make someone comfortable. I noticed though that there are many that allows arrogance to make way for ignorance. Most students are like that, they too want to show how smart they are.
We had a barbeque that night at the resthouse, with other Sains Sekitaran student aswell. I ate Maggie mee instead. Most people already knew, that I was a Vegetarian. I didn’t like that though. I fear of being judged, that I am being as I am just because I wanted to be different.
In the morning, we took the bus to 6 more stations along the same river, which collectively make 9 stations all together. The river doesn’t look so nice as the initial part which we studied. I noticed how the air change too.

I reached home, at 10.30 pm thanks to Dennis who drove me to Tuavon with his motorbike. Met him while he was having dinner with Cassianus. 

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