Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Kota Belud

At after that, Elaine and I went around Wisma. We went straight to Kwasa to get her Sports equipment. Upon reaching Donggongon, we checked our mail again. I was rpetty desperate hoping to hear something from Lindley. I went to Kota Belud that Saturday (12.08.2000). We reached there at 4 pm. We left quite late because we had a problem with the bus. I was surprised to know, that there is a resthouse. Last year,  students from Sains Sekitaran stayed there. As for the guys, they stayed at the community hall. We slept at one of the houses. The name of the place we stayed is called, Kg. Tambatuon. We cook before we do our field work which started at 5 am. I noticed how cool and fresh the air was. I especially love the weather which was always a bit cloudy. From that Kampong, what’s special about it is that a very pointy hill can be seen and also the back of mount Kinabalu. The saddening thing is that the natural trees on the hills were replaced with rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis) instead. The road to our accommodation are covered with water on several spots. I loved to splash my feet on these small stream of water. There was one spot though that the strong smell of fertilizer can be smelt on the way. That’s the exact smell that I noticed at Ranau.
I noticed how my ecology lecturers, Pn. Norma and Pn. Kartini are very mundane people. Although they don’t know what a Gaia theory is. Carlo knows what it was and they were very intrigued by it. I gave the reader’s digest book which contains an article about it to Pn. Kartini yesterday. I did that sincerely because I love sharing some of my findings and not merely for show. What’s funny was that night when Pn. Norma admitted of not knowing it, explain of how the theory might be about the earth will die someday. I finally knew, that it is the great that makes you great too.
I haven’t be able to deal with my bashfulness yet but there is a sight of improvement, I noticed. Without realizing I somehow want to show others of how much I know. When people asked for my guidance especially in asking questions, I’d like to teach them at a very mundane manner. I’m afraid of making someone stupid. Sometimes I do it, but that was not my intention. I just don’t know, how to make someone comfortable. I noticed though that there are many that allows arrogance to make way for ignorance. Most students are like that, they too want to show how smart they are.
We had a barbeque that night at the resthouse, with other Sains Sekitaran student aswell. I ate Maggie mee instead. Most people already knew, that I was a Vegetarian. I didn’t like that though. I fear of being judged, that I am being as I am just because I wanted to be different.
In the morning, we took the bus to 6 more stations along the same river, which collectively make 9 stations all together. The river doesn’t look so nice as the initial part which we studied. I noticed how the air change too.

I reached home, at 10.30 pm thanks to Dennis who drove me to Tuavon with his motorbike. Met him while he was having dinner with Cassianus. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


There were on occasions of having to run a programme. First there was a facility on the zoo on pan-endemic outbreak just like in Africa. And as well a facility for disease control. It would’ve been interesting to know that if there was any sub-control station across the country, there would always be a substitution for education within a literate society. Kevin, a spokesman in California used to say, that if you want conservation to win you must have research and more research to be done. And conservation not only meaning as in wildlife or flora. But also, in the preservation of culture. Across the trade of culture, there are traditions and rituals of habits and attitude. What we need is a character. What actually does research do? They look at history and geography. And they give out information for data regulation. What is it that we need to do with data? We can run an analysis on them, or besides that statistics such as for ration or distribution assessments. Some budget criteria such as predicting the market value. Or withholding accounts. A market deal is not the only trade that we have. Housing development and building infrastructures are two things that we can find is common. Such as the past president of United States Nixon, that mentions about a developing market which comes into the fiscal trade. What better trade can we deal when it comes to buying land in a predemptive market for a limited market such as the tourism. I think we will base this on ethical ground. Such as what is the cost of commodity of land, in debut of a commodity on natural resources. Should we be talking about commodity when the ethical ground of applause should be on where on principle that drove this trade to begin with. Reagan, after Nixon started of many scientists that the book “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson of the bias consequence of pollution and the use of pesticides as the cause of pollution. It was so hazard that it brought people to question its use of a population that holds up farmer and disease. Thereby, withstanding on many law of grounds. That some chemical that wasn’t known to be lethal such as DDT were banned. DDT is the sort of chemical that was used in Cambodia and Vietnam to kill malaria mosquitoes. Therefore, some alternative were found for prevention. In what sort of way, has environmentalism took place. There was Arne Neiss, which was the very person in Norway who was against whaling. Up to this day, have we seen modern change in the attitude of people towards the environment? Environment is not against progress and development of a change of mental state. It wouldn’t have changed your lifestyle. But how do we accommodate lifestyle in everyday life as a society.

Litter free

When was it the time, for any of our ministers to “turun padang” especially when it comes to visiting restaurants and coffee shops alike. It’s not as though it never happened before. But it does appear interesting if a minister declares a debut with its people and have a people action with a cover photo of the minister and restaurant owner on its picture. Perhaps also a kind photograph of the meal he/she had. Last week was very wonderful. I had an open night session with Jaco and his friends. We were out drinking at el Centro, when we were approached by some tourists whom we call friends. They kindly introduced themselves, and begin to talk their experience while visiting Sabah. Kathie was the owner of El Centro. And she politely re-enacted a game of cards. In which it was a quiz which had so many questions in them, that we had to take turns to answer them about history and geography. About the tourists that came to visit. One of them, who came from Holland said that it was very expensive to climb the mountain. I said, “if it was true, you would like to try and reckon at the Sabah Tourism centre” and ask for a price list or an itinerary programme that you would like to participate. She was almost sure that she paid, about RM 500 altogether to climb the mountain. I answered that’s absurd. If it takes that amount by chance to cost you to climb the mountain. I think that the cost would’ve gone to paying a trust fund or a conservation fund. In that they were paying staffs who were working on research, or basic salaries of the porter on one trip. Or it could’ve been splurged to the economic cost of volunteers who was doing re-construction there or in paying overheads. Then there was this Scottish man that was really going jiggy. He had to return back to UK the next day. When he began saying that he paid an expenditure fee to learn Scuba diving. He promised that day, that once when he got back to take his instructor course he will take me diving for free. He was really proud of himself. He said, he’s been around Sabah as a marine biologist. And that he said, he could not really express himself more of his passion. Jaco began saying, “Well yeah. You have to consider about money first and your education. Look at Sheena, money is what makes the world go round”. He said there is full of possibilities in life. And he was convinced of himself that a full dedication and passion was what had led him to be doing what he is doing right now. Perhaps what convinced himself, was a love for life. And then Jaco, began explaining. There’s a lot of dirt in Sabah. It takes a lot of process into recycling garbage. I disagreed with him. Saying, why do you need sweepers. Is it because it takes an honest job to do it. Or is it that there is always income to make you love your job? What actually makes a man dedicated to his work, was basically what I wanted for him to say. Or was it, what makes him a man? It literally falls into a subjective question such as everyday question of the liturgy put in place, as to how do you belong. I know, it’s very complicated to throw the trash. Once I’ve been to Cardiff, I went to a seminar of talk that was talking about City Town Planning. They said by next week, we will change our garbage bin into three coloured bins. And we will distribute plastics in green for recycling purpose. But the question that rose, who will be assorting those rubbish into the bin with green plastics? So in the morning after meeting my landlord and watching him renovating the lower basement, I went to watch the truck that brought about 2 men to come collect the garbage. It was a really small truck. Regarding the small street that had brought them there. And there was trash bins below our apartment. What’s strange about Sabah, is that we don’t actually own any bins. Besides seeing them scattered everywhere. The street and pavement are always litter free. And I wondered to myself. Is it because it was the habit through success education and awareness programme that promoted a free litter zone? And as well, of the idea of putting your sweet wrappers into your pocket? But of course besides that, there were employed sweepers to keep the street clean. As well, those that comes to collect your parking ticket.

Monday, September 23, 2013


The Crocker Range is part of the jurisdiction of Sabah Parks. First you have the Kinabalu National Park. And the second, the Crocker Range National Park. It expands from Tambunan, Keningau right down to Tenom. Covering also around areas in Kimanis but not up to Beaufort, as that’s where the coast line is. The Crocker range hosts a number of species of plants and animals. And is home to primates such as gibbons and macaques. There is a number species of hornbills found in Keningau. And a number species of frogs is also found in this area. The highest point of elevation in which could be transverse by road is 1,900 m a.s.l. This is where the altitude changes to cover a different type of vegetation known as sub-montane areas. Host to many ferns and nepenthes, the area is deep with lush forests and many terrains of rivers where fish are aplenty. There are several human settlements along the line of this range. The main part of human activity which is usually not accustomed to local activities are catching fish known as a house-hold consumption only. As this area, was reserved for protection. Known to be full of wild territories unknown to man, it holds up a reservoir of water as a catchment area and many tributaries of river. The Crocker Range also is an area where a couple of residents live such as Buayan, Terian and Lungmanis. The area expands to a reservoir of scientific knowledge, and is fully recognised by the local as a protection site. With that, boundaries have been restricted to these residences in which activities are in par to conservation needs. Thus with that, energy has been fulfilled. As well, schools and other homes.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


The Yellowstone river, at the edge of the valley. The moon walk is not left on one, but two not three. On sagging soil, on threesome burrows. On mudstone, on the Yellowstone river. Three layers, of not on fours. The etching part is not left on all. There was a bit of marrow on that wall. If left for a barrel, a boulder, a falter letter. Two moon rats across the vineyards. If not skipping, stuck between two hedges. Not a garden, but a stow. Waiting and see for a grassland meadow. There I come I see, A crimson if not for thee, Of layers drought if not for lee, Two men stuck in the middle. So if may I ask, what foresaw, If not I thee the law, Of not so privileged, Not for draught, Of one man need of one.

Monday, August 19, 2013

World Orangutan Day

Happy World Orangutan Day! My cousin had just got back from Bali after a Honeymoon spent there with her husband. I wanted to gather an occasion of the party held. But found it inappropriate however it corresponding to the decided programme. Although found it amusing, how the so-called programme of the World Orangutan Day orientates to the so called party event, so much more for the location that the both had gone to. However, I decide it's about time that I frame the poster that I have in my room for any other events coming soon. And take a picture with that, with a recent letter which I sent hopefully corresponding to an inaugural theme to look fo sponsors or at least donations such as passing the hat. To look at a brighter side, I am happy to say, that my books are now available on a resourceful wood source. I have found out that my papers are published from a reliable wood source, coming from trees that had been planted to produce papers. Rather than papers which had been produced from timber wood. This is good, because based on this account I had come to notice that the wood source coming from a locally produced market not only help initiate the industry but perhaps to say, that it is farmed and not harvested from thick jungle forest. To reveal the industry would be killing the goose chase. Find out more on the next event. From the author, Sheena James

Monday, May 13, 2013

ITune's hotel..

It was Christmas, and we went to the lounge at 1Borneo ITune's. It was my first time, being present there. We went as a family including all the ladies. There were Regina, Reena's bestfriend and her family as well mine and Reena's friend Jaco. After she parked her car, we waited at the foyer for them to arrive. We took several pictures at the Christmas tree then decided to head up. My first time being to a lounge except during for weddings and other stuff. We decided to walk into the room where a buffet was served. There were minor collection of items, but I preferably had some desserts. So I started of with chicken/lamb syrup. And after then several more French toast and bread. There were also juices and pudding. Jaco was eating his custards. Apparently, he was interested in mushrooms. Everybody had their fill. Reena was talking to Regina, and she was smiling. I was given books. And I had my shoes on. And there were aunt Euphrasia and the other ladies on their choices as well. I had three books when I opened them. All of them were about curious investigations. So it took me awhile to really understand. But apparently, I didn't had anything to offer in return. Except that we had fun. I was sitting, and I could see the ferries wheel going at the background. We were at the aloft. And you could see people below and having seamstress loitering at one of the condos we see here. So there were other barricades and other streets, all within one light. But it was Christmas, and it was colourful. So he was in his black suit, as he always conjourned. And we were all in fabrics, this morning it was breakfast and I couldn't help to wonder what could be more colourful. When what I saw was them girls in charades, and a road that was near a town ready to be built.